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January 9, 2024

Baby Finally Down For A Nap? Make This 15 Minute Crispy Prosciutto Winter Salad Now!

Life as a mom of two is like living in a hurricane with snack demands, diaper explosions, and impromptu dance-offs. Gone are the days of leisurely lunches and gourmet creations. As a mama, finding the time to whip up something both tasty and healthy feels like attempting a culinary masterpiece while riding a unicycle on a tightrope – yeah, not exactly a walk in the park.

Pinterest shows off these beautiful meals, but reality for me looks more like sipping thrice-microwaved lukewarm coffee and scavenging Nola's school lunch discards. Yep, the struggle is oh-so-real! But fret not, fellow mamas, because I've got a lunchtime recipe that takes 15 minutes, is delish, and won't add to the chaos. The best part? This salad can be prepped in batches so you can quickly throw it together and eat whenever you get a moment.

What Makes This Recipe Good?

Ummm, the whole thing together? Lol. No in all seriousness, most of the credit goes to the prosciutto. Yep, the mighty swine. Crispy prosciutto gets crumbled over salad greens, giving that perfect meaty crunch – like meat croutons, if you will. Throw in some seasonal pomegranates, blue cheese, and a tangy apple cider vinegar dressing with a maple syrup kick. Voilà! An unboring lunch that's a flavor explosion.

Now go, make it happen, mama.

Tools You'll Need

Salad bowl
Small bowl
Whisk (or fork)
Baking sheet

Pro Tips To Help You Out

DO preheat the oven and cook the prosciutto first. While it's getting crispy you can make the salad dressing.

DO make more prosciutto than you think you'll need, that way you'll be able to throw together this salad whenever you want.

DO use Dijon or whole-grain mustard.

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