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December 1, 2021

Holiday Gift Guide: For All The Mamas

  • Women's Cross Band Fuzzy Slippers: I was never big on house slipper but ever since having a baby, I live in them. I already own two pairs of Ugg slippers that I got as gifts but when I came across this lux looking pair, I had to have them. They are so damn chic, so damn cozy and so damn comfortable I'm rarely  without them. They run about $25 bucks and are worth every cent.
  • WINC Wine Membership: Being a mother is hard AF. At the end of a long ass day, every mama deserves a glass (or 3) of wine to decompress. I came across Winc when I gifted a membership to a friend and I got the opportunity to work with the brand on a collaboration. The wine selection is fantastic so whether she loves sparkling, chardonnay or merlot, Winc has varietals that are sure to please her. A 3 month subscription will set you back $150 but there are options at every price point. Trust me, she'll thank you.
  • Harlem Candle Company: These candles were the first gifts Shep ever got me and I've kept them in my home ever since. Inspired by the Harlem Renaissance, the scents here are romantic and timeless. I'm a fan of their 22k Gold Cocktail Glass Collection featuring the James Baldwin “Love,” "Speakeasy," and "Savoy" scents. The big plus here is that once the candles have been burned away, the wax can be removed and the glasses used for cocktails! Check out the cool tutorial here.
  • Breville Barista Express, Espresso Machine: I've always loved coffee but since welcoming Nola, I truly need it to survive. This espresso machine by Breville has made my many trips to the nearest coffee shop a thing of the past. You don't even have to be a budding barista to work it, it's so user friendly. Every morning I make myself a vanilla oat milk latte using this and it just sets off my day. If you have a coffee-loving exhausted mama in your life, blow her mind with one of these under the tree. Oh and if she likes flavored coffee beverages,  this is the brand of syrups I use.
  • Byredo Perfume: I am a perfume snob. I'm admitting it. I just am and I blame my father. Every year, he takes his time and somehow manages to find my sisters, brother and myself THE perfect new scent that we're all crazy about. One year he introduced my to Byredo's Bibliothèque and it was love at first whiff. The scents here are a perfect mix of masculine and feminine with notes of fresh ripe peach and violet but with a hint of tobacco and leather. It smells wealthy and dammit we mamas deserve to smell rich.
  • Live Soaked: This company was founded by a good friend of mine alongside her mother during the pandemic. What started out as me just wanted to support a friend with a purchase, became a true obsession. During my pregnancy I couldn't stay out of the bathtub. It was the only time I felt calm and my body didn't hurt and I always had one of these pouches in there with me. I am a huge fan of the "In Peace" scent but because of the CBD, pregnant and nursing mamas might want to steer clear. If so I also truly love the "In Joy" scent.
  • Estelle Colored Martini Glass: I have been lusting after a set of glasses from Estelle since I came across them online last year. The hues here are just fucking dreamy. I need them. Shep if you're looking at this, get them (preferably in the rose color).
  • By Chari Mama Necklace: I became a fan of this brand when Forever FLOTUS Michelle Obama wore a "vote" necklace from the company. Once I had Nola, my cousin gifted me a necklace from By Chari to commemorate her arrival. The quality is beautiful and there are different versions of the necklace (one even has all diamonds!). Either way, the mama in your life will treasure it.

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